July 12, 2023

Tesla Powerwall


You likely know Tesla to be one of the leaders in green technology in the automobile industry. Now you can apply the environmentally friendly ingenuity of this company to your home’s energy supply.

Tesla Powerwall is a backup battery that can help you achieve energy independence when coupled with solar panels, or energy security for traditional grid-connected homes. The unit is designed to seamlessly integrate into exterior or interior applications, and can be programmed to discharge energy when low-cost, backup energy is most needed, like at night or during grid outages.

Whether you’re employing solar energy or not,  Powerwall will keep your lights on during the next storm or storm while your neighbors search frantically for flashlights. And it’ll help make your monthly energy bills significantly lower!


Tesla Powerwall is cutting-edge energy technology, but the concept is quite simple: it’s an efficient backup battery system designed to store excess energy and to know when you need it most. Powerwall can be used with or without solar panels.

With Solar Panels

Powerwall was designed to work in concert with a solar array to help achieve complete energy independence. It works like this:
  • Solar panels produce a surplus of energy throughout the day which is stored in the Powerwall during daylight hours.
  • Powerwall discharges this energy when it’s needed most: at night, or during detected grid outages if your home is still connected to the electric grid.
  • The unit is able to detect outages and power needs entirely on its own — you don’t have to do anything!

You can, however, monitor the PowerWall’s seamless operation from the Tesla app on your smartphone.


Without Solar Panels

Powerwall can also provide dramatic energy savings and a clean energy alternative for structures without solar panels.

  • The unit is programmed to charge when energy rates are low, storing up excess energy from the grid at a lower rate.
  • At peak hours, Powerwall will discharge and use that stored-up energy to power your home, saving you big on electric bills every month by utilizing only low-rate energy.
You’ll also have a reliable backup during grid outages, too. Powerwall can detect outages within a fraction of a second and begin to discharge instantly, providing you with a seamless transition to backup power with no interruption whatsoever.


Like all Tesla products, Powerwall is compatible with the Tesla app for smartphones. You’ll be able to download the app, register your Powerwall, and instantly see how your unit is interacting with your home, and also make changes to its operation according to your needs.

The app enables Powerwall user to monitor energy usage and observe how the unit is functioning within the home. It also allows a user to customise the unit to achieve various modes that determine how and when it will charge and discharge.

For example, you can choose to reserve a desired percentage of energy at all times so you’ll always have power available should an outage arise. Settings like this can be controlled easily from within the app and only take about an hour to become effective.