June 13, 2018


Rural Green Energy is an Australian owned and operated, family run business providing solar power and solar battery storage to residential and commercial clients.

One of the biggest benefits of getting a solar power system for your property is a massive reduction in your power bills. However, the cost of buying the system and having it professionally installed can prevent many people from considering getting one for their home or business. Consequently, Rural Green Energy aims to provide affordable solar power packages to encourage Australian families and businesses to shift towards solar energy. Our widespread network of suppliers, experience and qualified installers all contribute towards keeping our prices low.

The solar power systems that we supply and install offer practical and highly efficient solutions to all your solar energy needs. If you have any specific requirement, we can even custom-design a solar power system for you.

For further informations, Please contact us and get a free quote now!

Phone: 1800 732 664

Email: darryl@ruralgreenenergy.com

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