June 13, 2018


Rural Green Energy is One of strong relationships with many suppliers and are distributors for other products. We aim to provide the most economically viable energy solutions tailored to meet the needs and budgets of our customers. We take the time to listen to the needs of clients and our business philosophy is to do it right the first time. Rural Green Energy Inc. manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of renewable energy systems and products to the commercial, industrial, architectural and institutional applications in a cost-effective and service oriented manner.

We provide honest expert advice and we only install the highest quality, industry proven equipment from reputable global manufacturers. When you deal with us, you deal with the business owners from the design and quotation of your project through to the final commissioning of the system – Customer satisfaction is guaranteed! Solar panels use the sun’s light to generate electricity. The more sunlight there is, the more energy the panels will produce. Using solar panels is much better for the environment than using fossil fuels As long as there’s daylight outside, the panels will be producing electricity Electricity from your solar panels is free, so if you use appliances at the right time of day your bills will be cheaper By going Solar, you will receive cheaper electricity bills. That’s because every time you switch on an appliance your power will come from your panels instead of your electricity supplier. Take control of the rising cost of electricity by going Solar Today . Guaranteed to save you whilst saving the planet.

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  • Hi,

    My name is Michael and I am working with Passionate Provider as a Sales Manager.Our company book home assessment appointments for solar installers like you.
    Under this we call the home owners in your target areas and we inform them about the benefits of installing solar.
    While doing this process when we find the customers who are interested in having a quote.
    We take their details and provide only one installer for home assessment.
    If you are looking for some quality service like this for Solar Pv, Battery Storage or Hot Water then please let us know. We will be happy to assist you.

    02 8310 5677
    Michael Jordan

  • These guys are situated in india not Australia and was leaving no msg but filled out my online form on our website as a client wanting solar.
    a little bit annoying to be honest as i like to keep my work Australia based..

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