July 11, 2023


Many people are now living remotely and independent of Electricity grids. With energy shortages, aging power grid, closures of generation plants and a desire to for autonomous  living off-grid solar power solutions have become an environmental, emotional and viable option. We design and install customised systems that allow you to enjoy electricity anywhere in New South Wales, giving you self-sufficiency and independence from the traditional power grid. 

Off grid systems that report remotely for monitoring and troubleshooting, generator back up, world clsss inventory of solar panels, inverters, batteries and balance of system. 

Load assessment is our first step to reveiw system requirements.

RedEarth - Energy Storage

Australian-made, on-grid and
off-grid energy storage systems

Our energy storage systems are scalable, so you can be confident you’re getting a solution that best suits your needs.

RedEarth operates with the belief that electricity will be the primary energy source in the future, and that every business and residence can generate more clean, green electricity than it can consume – meaning they can financially capitalise on their excess solar energy.